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Steampunk has certainly not lost its steam although old watch parts must be harder to come by these days. One outstanding artisan is the highly popular London Particulars on Etsy.

London Particulars may be based in Seattle but the "Neo-Victorian" designs are the sort you can easily imagine seeing if you were browsing in a shop where the equally imaginary Sherlock Holmes likes to browse!

The designs make use of not only vintage watch movements but often crystals for accented color. The result is a steampunk style with a nod to modern tastes.

Also different is the use of filigree and other findings such as scarab beetle pendants with the watch parts, shown below.

The steampunk rings and tie tacks will definitely appeal to steampunk fans of both sexes! All the designs are gorgeous! They also make me want to go find a copy of a Jules Verne book to read!

Hat tip to reader Anna from the A Beader's Blog for this discovery.

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  1. these look beautiful...would be delighted if someone gifted me things like this......;)

  2. You need to start leaving your computer on that store page so your family will notice!!

  3. I think steam punk has such an interesting look to it. It's a piece of jewelry that needs to be examined!!!!
    Fun..and thanks Pearl.

  4. Very nice. Steam punk is a very unique and interesting style of jewelry.

  5. Hi Pearl - great post - I have made quite a pieces like this, but alas no matter what glue I use they come apart - heartbreaking . . . any ideas - have you seen a site called - peace

  6. Ruth, check out my post on what glues to use.

    The best sort are the two part epoxy adhesives.

  7. Yes, I have seen Multiply. I don't need yet another social media site! Facebook and Twitter are plenty for me!

  8. There is something truly beautiful about the inner workings of a watch. It does seem a shame to enclose it all within a bezel and watch dial where it sits unseen. I love the scarab pendants incorporating the watch works, they do bring out the Jules Vern in us all. :)

    Thank you Pearl, for the nice credit. :)


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