Desiree Bigard who is based in Michigan, makes distinctive Gothic, Victorian and fantasy styled jewelry for her Etsy store, Peacock Tres Chic.

The Tudors inspired - A Cardinal's Ransom
Her eye-catching one of a kind pieces feature angels, wings, skulls, mythical beasts and ornate silver plated brass filigree stampings.

Perhaps you're not into some of the darker themes but you will be interested in the way she goes about layering and building up her unique 3-D focals.

Her careful attention to details and placement result in such wonderful pieces - a couple of those I chose to feature here have, not surprisingly, been sold already!

Blood Countess Necklace
Desiree also generously shared a tutorial on how she creates her her jewelry. Some of the components are quite large so she does take those apart with the aid of a Dremel. She can then use the bits she likes. Her complex designs are not soldered but glued.  Her how-to explains more about the glues she chooses to use.

Sweet Dreams
Mythical Hippocamp - Beyond the Black

Secrets of the Hanamachi

Dark Alchemist

La Dolorosa
Desiree's first born son just celebrated his first birthday yesterday!  Hope the family had a great time!

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