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Easy Jewelry Gift Box and Bag Tutorials

One thing handy about making jewelry as gifts is the boxes needed are small.  If you are planning to make your own, here are some of my favorite finds.

Felt Gift Box by DIY Maven


DIY Maven over at Curbly Original liked the  Teroforma felt bread baskets she saw, she made much tinier versions for small items. The use of felt for this easy peasy tutorial provides cushioning protection. 

However, if you prefer the stock paper equivalent, check out  Carolina's Gonzalez's cardboard jewelry box tutorial over at Rena's blog. Many decorative possibilities! Carolina is also a blogger and makes artistic necklace displays.

Image by Caroline Gonzalez
Blog reader Regina tipped me off about her origami box tutorial over on her blog, Southern OOAKS. You can certainly use different colors to make both the lid and the bottom for this box to perhaps match your shop colors or the recipient's favorite hues.

Image by Southern OOAKS
Homemade Gifts Made Easy has a different type of origami box tutorial - there is no lid. You have place the item instead before folding close the top flaps.


There are so many decorative craft papers out there to use.  The gift bag tutorial from the Paper Craft Printable site includes a template.

Image by Paper Craft Printable
They also have a template and tutorial for a triangular gift bag which resembles a lunch bag!

Image by Paper Craft Printable
Lori Craig from Split Coast Stampers has the Bag-a-Lope tutorial which closes differently from the one above.

Image by Lori Craig
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  1. Awesome!! Thanks for all the ideas. Great tutorials. I'm tucking this one away for future use!!!
    Thanks Pearl

  2. Great ideas...they would finish off a handmade piece of jewelry nicely!


  3. Great ideas!!! Everyone I know is used to getting my jewelry in my standard decorated kraft boxes--which are lovely, if I do say so myself!--but changing it up would be a fun and extra special touch for the holidays :) I will be experimenting with these over the next few weeks for sure and I am sure that my loved ones will be impressed! Thanks Pearl!

  4. Could not have asked for a better and more timely post. Having to purchase nice, ready made gift boxes can be expensive and at this time of year it seems everyone wants a box to go with the jewelry they've purchased as they bought it for a gift. These boxes are all cute and truly give personality to ones gift presentation.

  5. Shoot! Wish I had seen this before Christmas!

  6. Christmas card gift boxes are fun, too!


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