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Most, if not all of us toss out cardboard packing used for shipping all sorts of goods.  But who would have thought of using the corrugated type for jewelry?

It's a whole new approach to recycling!

Yael Gaizler and Aviv Kinel of Israel do a fabulous job at making "jewels" out of this common packing material. Their collection is called Carton - the word "carton" is Hebrew for cardboard.

Precious metals like gold and silver as well as gemstones are incorporated into their cardboard designs. The designers made full use of the honeycomb look of corrugated cardboard by using it rounds and curved groups. The result is stunning and oh so environmentally friendly.

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  1. Wow, that's clever! I don't think I'll look at cardboard the same way again. :)

  2. That's amazing -- I just don't have the creativity to come up with things like that!

  3. Very attractive ! I would not have considered using corrugated cardboard in such a fashion but it certainly works. In some piece it is reminiscent of clock parts, and I could see it being used in Steampunk creations.


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