Back in the 1990's, Valma Spencer-Sun of Valley Gem Chain Maille (update : link no longer works) in Australia, came across a Danish man wearing a triple wire coil knot.

Image by Valley Gem
The man would not sell it to her as it had been in his family for at least a couple of hundred years or more. Val suspects the design might be even older than that.

He did however lend it to her so she could sketch and figure out how to make it. That's why she called it the Danish knot.  This is different from the Lover's Knot which is only two coils.

It's not that hard to do - it's rather like sliding a key through the coil of a keyring.  Her tutorial is available as a pdf from her site. As you can see, the Danish knot can be used in earrings and in so many other applications.

The same tutorial was also uploaded to the International Guild of Wire Jewelry Artist's website with an additional useful table of wire gauges to use with different sizes of knitting needle mandrels. It sure helps to have a chain maille artisan work that out for us! 

(NB: The post URL is incorrect - this is a triple knot not a double)

UPDATE : While the above links no longer work, the tutorial for the triple love knot bead is available over on Instructables. 

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