I have my own comfort zone as far as beading wire sizes go.  But the Confetti  NecklaceTutorial by Jamie Hogsett over at Softflex made me rethink about my habit of just getting the 0.014" beading size.

She used 0.024" which is thicker and stronger. It's usually available only as 19 and 49 strand with precious metal options.  Beginners might wish to know that the higher the number of strands there are in the beading wire bundle, the more flexible the wire becomes.
What I like about this design is greater degree of flexibility with the use of beading wire instead of much stiffer neck wires made from thick wire. Some wearers prefer more drape around their necks.

As the designer demonstrates, the thick beading wire can be left exposed with loose wire coiling accents.

Also note how she created what looks like a large 4-way beaded focal. It's actually a multiple wrapped loop created from all the combined black and silver beaded twisted wire. As this wrapped loop is wire, the beading wire can pass through it through the sides. Clever!

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