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How to Make Bead Wreaths Tutorials

Nothing declares the house owner as a jewelry maker or crafter than a bead wreath! Perfect for any of the holidays or seasons - just use the appropriate colors!

Brittany of the Sew in Love blog has a spectacular bead wreath tutorial made out of Mardi Gras beads! The beads were leftover from Mardi Gras parades in Louisiana. Shown here are some of the common colors for these really inexpensive beads.

Those who love simpler styles though should check out Steph's Wooden Bead Summer Wreath tutorial on her blog with the delightful title, The Silly Pearl. Via

You could also hot glue beads around a styrofoam wreath base for a really easy decoration. Scale down to a bead and wire crystal beads like this tutorial, and you've got quick and easy Christmas tree deocrations.

If you're a little more adept with wire, try out Rockfront's twisted wire and bead wreath tutorial.

Not a wire work fan?  Then check out Bead Jewelry Making's lovely beaded Christmas Wreath Charm tutorial.

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  1. These are fun and really pretty! Here's another one that I saw on Martha years and years ago:
    It's made with druk beads in a bunch of different sizes and I think it's gorgeous!
    Got a chuckle over your comment about Silly Pearl!

  2. Oh Pearl! Thanks so much for featuring my summer bead wreath!
    My mom chuckles every time she thinks about my blog's her nickname for me, in Cantonese.

  3. Thanks Pearl!!! These are so cute!

  4. Thanks for the additional contribution, Sally!

    And yes, Steph's blog title is delightful. I wish I had it especially with a name like Pearl and the occasional silliness!

  5. I finally know what to do with all those Mardi Gras beads from that party I held. Thank you!

  6. You had a Mardi Gras party? Cool! I'll bet you have tons of beads to use.


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