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Seattle based Sarah Hood is a sculptural artist whose one of a kind jewelry pieces speak volumes about her "exploration of the natural world, both its forms and its materials."

Her keen eye for profiles enables her to translate visions of bare trees in winter, foliage and shapes of leaves into her distinctive design style.  That she is a gardening and botany enthusiast is also evident.

Shown here are her Landscape collection and the Arbor collection which later "branched" off. The twigs and branches have considerable aesthetic appeal.

Although she is trained metal smith, Sarah does not dismiss unusual and nontraditional materials. Indeed , what first caught my eye were her pieces which mixed sterling silver with model railway tree and landscape materials as shown below. Her work has been featured in many magazines and jewelry art exhibitions.

Sarah also has an Etsy store and writes a blog.


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  1. Very interesting pieces! Some people have such a vivid imagination! I do enjoy seeing such creativity.

  2. Oh, wow! I love Sarah's work. It's hard to say which piece I like the most, but I have to say, I love the tiny tree ring. The mix of conventional and unconventional materials is wonderful.

  3. Sarah's work is beautiful, from the bare branch necklace to the tree ring! I also took a look at her etsy store--what a great collection of pieces. Thanks Pearl!

  4. Superlative how clever and beautiful - just love the embracing of nature is the becoming the biggest jewellery trend. I am doing a lot with bugs and flowers too. Loves it! Peace


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