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Easy Pearl and Leather Necklace Tutorial

This pretty pearl and leather necklace tutorial by LoveMaegan is a study in contrasts. Pearls are so feminine and leather not so much.

It's very easy to whip up and looks elegant to boot.  She also has the earrings design to match.  There is plenty of options to customize the design - from adding many more than the 5 strands shown or altering the lengths.

There's only one problem with using pearls though. You have to ream them so the leather cords can get through!

It's similar to the leather fringe tutorial I once wrote about. Check it for the link and the two versions I made. I used glass and gemstone beads, not pearls. Firstly no reaming is required and secondly, it's another great way to use up odd beads.
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  1. What a gorgeous necklace!

    I can think of several lovely variations for this project -- like using faceted glass in place of pearls.

  2. I totally agree. I think Maegan just added enough to make the design sing. Yes, any beads will also be great!

  3. I really like this simple elegance and trendy.

    Via Facebook


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