I know many of you have already seen my new blog design as it was launched a few weeks ago.  But if you haven't do pop in to see what's new.

The most significant overall change is the minimalist look with a lot of white space. The site is also now easier to navigate. But rest assured, the staples such as the blog archives that some of you use are still there.

As many of you who blog know, changing a blog design takes a lot of work.  That's probably why I haven't done so for the past few years!

This time round, I didn't go for a free blog template but designed a custom one with considerable help from Franklin Manuel of Bloggermint.  I was quite happy in the past to hack into the template code as needed but conceded I no longer had the time nor the expertise especially with some of the new features I wanted like the drop down menu choices and auto-image resizing. Franklin and I worked on the design for over 2 months! So thanks, Franklin - you do know your stuff!

I delayed this post because the LinkWithin widget for related posts did not work for this new template.  LinkWithin support seems to be in permanent hibernation.

So I switched to nRelate which is a far, far better service and highly recommended.  This free service gives you a lot of control over the widget. Their support staff is just fantastic. The related blog post titles did not initially display on my homepage because of my custom blog template. Patrick worked hard on a fix and kept me informed as he went along. So now you can hop from post to back post easily.  Sweet!  Thanks, Patrick!

Hope you will have a peek and let me know what you think!

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