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Fine Silver Tatted Jewelry by The Joyful Tatter

Tatting is a lace making technique which dates back a couple of centuries or so.

There are 3 types of tools to tat with - shuttle, needle and cro-tat (a combination of crochet and tatting). These are used to form rings and chains with hitch or hitch knots. The work typically uses thread.

Setting the bar higher is Alan Kolodny of Mississippi, otherwise known as the Joyful Tatter on Etsy.  He tats with fine silver (99.9% silver) wire!

His wire lace work is just lovely. He sometimes incorporates pearls, beads and crystals into his designs.

A Night in Paris
Alan is a highly talented individual. Not only is he a Presbyterian pastor but he is also a professional clown and an award winning balloon artist. So it's no surprise that he is able to come up with whimsical designs like his horse, butterfly and teddy bear earring designs.  They must have been inspired by his balloon creations!

He is extremely creative. Alan said in his blog" I'm always trying to come up with new and creative ways of using my tatting, first it was tatting in silver wire, which was a big hit. Then I  combined tatting with chain mail and my finished pieces got me to the finals in an international jewelry competition."

Already an accomplished wire wrapper, Alan went on to combine wire tatting with wire wrapping as shown above.  Whatever else will he do next?

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  1. Awesome work.

    (via Facebook)

  2. I agree. I can tat but I cannot imagine trying to do it with wire!

  3. What a talented man! I cannot imagine using real silver wire. I have some silver-filled wire at home and I am afraid to use that!

  4. This is amazing stuff! He's very talented. Of all the crafts I've ever done (and they are many) tatting is one I never tried. I couldn't imagine what I'd use the lace for so never tried. He sure takes it to a whole new level!!

  5. that is amazing! I do needle tatting and also would never have thought of using wire. Beautiful!

    (via Facebook)

  6. Incredible!!!!
    Wire...huh? I can't even imagine doing it with thread!!!

  7. His work is beautiful. So intricate and mimics tatted lacework perfectly. Glad to hear he is a pastor as doing this art form with sterling wire must take the patience of a saint.

    1. I have to brag about my pastor a little bit. God has definitely blessed him with a wonderful gift. Today I had the priviledge to see some of his latest designs. He has made some of the most gorgeous bracelets, rings and necklaces. His work is so intricate and beautiful. We feel so honored to have him and his wife Kathy at our church. I only wish everyone could see all of his work. I pray that God will open doors for others to enjoy his beautiful work. We do feel like he has the patience of a saint for sure. God bless.

  8. Espectacular.....Bellisimo.....

  9. Wow! Talk about incredible. Tarring itself is amazing but using wire...

  10. Okay, that's pretty doggone amazing!

  11. We all wish we could see this most talented man's work up close and in real life!

  12. I have used wire in bobbin lace and just loved it. I would sure like to try it now in tatting too.


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