I've often seen whimsical fabric or felt little animals and find them adorable. These handcrafted creations are usually larger as they are meant to be toys, pillows or bags.  So when I stumbled upon Adatine on Etsy, I was instantly charmed.

Shown above is her Leo brooch which is only for the very brave!

Adatine means "pincushion" in Lithuanian, according to the two friends, Elena and Ieva, who create for this store. It's an apt title because both clearly love to work with fabric.

I picked my favorites from their accessories collection. What I also enjoyed were their occasionally witty descriptions. The rabbit in the brooch below is holding a tomato - so therefore it is the Rabbit Diet brooch! And the Bunny Bandit brooch?  He steals your heart!  Utterly delightful!

Rabbit Diet Brooch

Bunny Bandit Brooch

Foxy Fox Brooch
Kitten Brooches

Cicada Brooches

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