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More Metal Clay Earrings Tutorials

I'm slowly gathering together all the things I need for making metal clay jewelry. So far I've got the clay, a mini- torch, some clay rolling tools and even the fire brick. The last one thanks to my friend Bonnie who picked one up for me from a local brick place.

I still need the gas cartridge for the mini torch and a few more metal clay earring tutorials won't hurt either!

Celie Fago's double Textured Precious Metal Clay earrings tutorial shown above from Lapidary Journal's Jewelry Artist is suitable for beginners to intermediate workers.

The pattern on the reverse tear drop earrings was made by carving out shards of clay. These earrings are quite big so they will have to be fired in a kiln as opposed to torching on a fire brick.

She did not waste the shards. There were saved for her second project, a delightful polymer and metal clay combo pair which resemble ice cream cones! Again a kiln project. The photo is by Donna Chiarelli.

Sarah JayneCole's  lovely lily earrings on elvish ear wires tutorial  is from her Larks Craft Book, Metal Clay Origami Jewelry: 25 Contemporary Projects.  Didn't know you could do origami with metal clay?  Now you do!

For smaller earrings ( less clay = less money), check out the metal clay earring projects by Tammy Powley from the About Jewelry site. Shown here is her cute Paw Print metal clay earrings.

Need some inspiration? Then check out this slideshow from the Metal Clay Group on Flickr :


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  1. I've got some Copper Art metal clay, but just haven't had the time or nerve to get it out and play with it yet. These tutorials are great. Maybe they'll get me started. Thanks.

  2. I think you hit on the answer why so many of us find the torching bit a hurdle! We haven't the nerve!


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