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These Wire Crochet and Bead Bracelets are Easy to Make

Single chain and bead wire crochet bracelets are really easy to make even if you have never done crochet before. It's a very forgiving technique although some people may not like the informal look.

Some people have an easier time with it than others!  But the end result is the same - a unique wire work bracelet!  The first bracelet above was created by Lori who came to a beading party.

This one is by another newbie, Debbie, who had some trouble because she was crocheting a little on the tight side.  It helps to be relaxed about the process.  If you haven't yet had a go, check out the tutorial linked below.

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  1. hi! I love these crochet bead bracelets. However I can't find the pattern. Is there a pattern and if so where?


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