I cannot pretend to like either American football or soccer. But even this sports challenged artisan is aware that Superbowl is this Sunday!  So what could be more appropriate than these awesome beer bottle opener pendants?

These stainless steel pendants  by Blend Creations have both a decorative as well as a functional use. They really do open beer bottles!  How handy to have one around your neck all the time especially on Superbowl Sunday!

What's also delightful is the use of street maps from various cities around the world.  Not just any city, but those with famous breweries!  They offer a staggering number of designs grouped into 3 main collections, American brews, Canadian brews and Worldly brews.

They've even got one of my home city, Halifax, the birthplace of Alexander Keith Brewery (E). D shows the pendant for Vancouver, where Granville Island Brewing started.

This New York pendant celebrates Brooklyn Brewery :

This pendant below features a map of Mexico City, the birthplace of Corona.  If you are Australian, they have one for Melbourne (Foster's). Irish or just a plain Guinness lover?  Then check out the Dublin one! Cool!

Blend Creations is a design team effort by Vivian Cheng and her husband, Eric Jean-Louis. They make other truly unique designs.  I once featured their honeycomb hex wrench pendant which is like carrying several wrenches on you!  They also make QR code and social media pendants.


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