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Winners of the Modahaus Steady Stands Giveaway

There are many of you waiting for this announcement with baited breaths.  It's not just about these truly  innovative steady stands.  But thanks to Lex's generosity, there were an astounding six of them to give away from last week's sweepstakes. Also a big thank you to all who left such kind comments for both Lex and myself.

It was most interesting to learn that all 3 size models were considered although the SS200 was the most popular.  Potential uses listed by entrants included not just jewelry but cookies, hand painted wine glasses and findings, fiber and fiber purses, duck tape purses, hand painted yarn skeins, spindles, beaded hand spun yarn, doll photos, eBay collectible photos, costume props, plants, flowers, museum artifacts, legal documents, needlework, crochet work, scarves and even nail art !  So much talent out there! Indeed if you are a serious craft or foodie blogger, you cannot be without these units!

I also strongly suggest all readers review this past post where Lex covers the key camera settings you need to take good white background pictures. He is most approachable and helpful so please do contact him directly if you have any questions regarding camera types, Modahaus models etc especially if you won one or are buying one!

I shall not keep you in suspense any longer. After numbering all the eligible entries, I consulted for 6 generated numbers which matched these very lucky winners :

Carol of Designing It
Katrina Pebbles of Ecofashionista
Ali Marceau of Saturday's Child
Patricia Miller of The Velvet Box
Cheryl of Beadroe

Congratulations!  I do have emails/shops I can contact for most of you except for Zebisis -  please contact me asap to claim your prize. Otherwise I will redraw next Monday.

If  you didn't win, take heart.  Lex is offering a 15% discount on his Modahaus 'Custom Bundles' of 2 or more units.  Free shipping worldwide to boot!

In the interest of full disclosure, please also note that I have now joined his affiliate program. This is because I truly believe that the Modahaus systems are very good and highly recommend them.  Each sale earns me a small commission - about the price of a cup of tea or coffee from my local Tim Hortons - "fuel" for writing more blog posts! 

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  1. Thank you Lex and Pearl!!! I'm so excited.

  2. OMG! I scared the bejesus out of my fiancé with my gasp of disbelief and excitement(which, in retrospect, probably wasn't the best thing to happen while he was driving)! I am beyond excited! This has made my day and likely even my year! Thank you so much, Lex and Pearl! You have made me so happy and helped me finally get a light diffuser for my project photos! Now I can finally get some professional looking photographs up on the web and show things off!

  3. Congrats to the lucky winners! Now off to buy one, heheheh.

  4. Congrats to the winners! And Pearl, I'm thrilled that you have become an affiliate. That means we'll be seeing more posts on the Modehaus, I hope!

  5. Absolutely! I will be sharing more of my tips and discoveries as I use my Modahaus too!


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