A.D.O.R.A.B.L.E.  It's the only word which describes the tiny swinging animals by Nancy Bevins over at the Motley Mutton on Etsy. She has been creating needle felted sculptures for years - see her gallery on her website.

She uses needle felting techniques working with wool from the sheep raised on their small family farm in the hills of West Virginia. The name of the shop derives from the fact that very few of their sheep are purebred. She shears, washes, picks, cards and dyes the wool, mostly on her own.

She explains, " I love making creatures that are lower on the "fan-club totem pole." Things like possums, armadillos, mice, rats...even snails! That is the beauty of felting, if it exists, you can make it."  I don't know about the "lower on the fan-club part" as she makes all her chosen animals pretty darn cute... even the imaginary ones.  She says she always tries to add new animals to her repertoire.

Nancy has a wonderful ability to capture the right proportions and details for her animals. The smiles she sews on sure adds to the cuteness factor. They all appear to be having a fun time swinging from the cord necklaces!

She also offers the felt animals without the necklaces in different postures as some people just want to collect the miniatures.  Her creations are very popular but her time is now limited. She helps care for her grandchildren after her son was tragically killed in an industrial accident.  Please see her shop info.

Nancy no longer takes pre-orders.  However, she does update her Etsy with new designs.  So if you see something you like, grab it quick because they go fast!