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Wear a Brooch as a Bracelet in a Flash!

Brooches have made a comeback after decades of neglect.  Even so, I am always on the lookout for alternative uses of brooches.

The latest find is the brilliant DIY brooch bracelet tip from Lisa over at the Pursuit of Happiness blog. What she did was pin an old brooch onto several bracelets thus holding them together.

Stunning in less than a couple of minutes, if you use elasticated bracelets! She used a number of brooches and a mix of bracelets from her collection to great effect.

She got the idea when she was out shopping and came across a display of beaded bracelets grouped with a brooch.  So it really pays to keep an eye out for a good idea!

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  1. Genius! I love it! It's always things like this that make me say, "Now why didn't I think of that??"

  2. Nice! I like brooches (made on for today's Challenge of Music blog hop e.g.) and the many ways you can use them. If I may do some self-promoting: one of the first boards I created on Pinterest was a Brooch ideas pinboard: Always looking for new things to add to it so thanks for sharing the bracelet tip.

  3. That pin board is excellent! Thanks for sharing it! Please do add some of the many ideas I have come across too!

  4. Just make sure the brooch clasp is strong and not loose otherwise they'll be lost. Or even glue it shut!

  5. Excellent tip! Another one I thought of is to wear the brooch so the sharp end of the pin points away from the hand. The bracelets will tend to fall towards the hand, you see.


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