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Beautiful Twisted Wire Wrapped Cross Pendant Tutorial

Guest Tutorial Post by Judy Larson
Judy is a retired teacher and reader of this blog. She also happens to be a highly creative individual accomplished in many crafts.  Her mantra is "I will never live long enough to learn everything I want to learn, do everything I want to do, or see everything I want to see." 

Judy does not sell her jewelry so she does not have a website. Most of the jewelry she makes is given away. This generous teacher also gives free community education wire wrapping and jewelry making classes.

Judy contacted me a while ago to offer her wonderful pdf tutorials for anyone interested in learning about jewelry making. She has already generously shared her Glass Pebble Cabochon Pendant Tutorial before.  This cross tutorial is the second in what will be a series over time. They were originally written for her students.

If you live in her area and are interested in attending her free classes at Lake of the Woods High School in Baudette, Minnesota, please contact the head of Community Education : to find out more.  The next series of 22 classes will be held the first 2 weekends in May. Then Judy  is going to take 6-8 months to concentrate on metal clay!


  1. could this be made into a Celtic style cross as well ?

  2. Why not? You will have to play with wire. Judy's tips will be useful. Someone on my Facebook page didn't realize that you could use tape. Tape is a wire worker's best friend!

  3. I love Judy's philosophy, with her mantra how could one ever become bored with life or discontented? There is always something new and wonderful to see, do or learn . . . especially to learn.

    Her wire cross pendant looks prettier than ones I've purchased in fine jewelry stores!

  4. Thanks for this - it lead me to the Glass Pebble Cabachon pdf - more up my line for wrapping beachglass.

    I went to the scribd download page and when I got to the download button - before I could get Judy's pdf I needed to buy a monthly subscription at $9 to scribd.

    Am I missing something? I am assuming the download is free.

    As it is, I just saved the whole page (annoying flashing junk as well) and will clean it up and save it as a mac page document.

    Just letting you know, in case others run into the same situation.

    Many thanks to you and Judy for your generous sharing spirits.

    via email

  5. I do not know where you wandered to. You should be able to download for free. If you don't want to join Scrbd (also free), then just copy the page here.

    Less clean up!

    BTW you can join Scrbd using your Facebook or Twitter account logins. You can also download other free pdfs too but I think you are allowed a limited number of downloads per day on a free account.

  6. That Scrbd is horrible! And now I have no way to get the FREE cross tutorial so kindly donated by Judy, nor the beautiful (and she said easy) 2 wire wrapped bracelets. When I tried to dload it to my android (all I have right now), I got a huge list of people describing all the problems it had and did NOT do what it promised. So I did not dload it. It's rated at below 2!!
    Some of us don't have broadband and high speed and all the other stuff that seems to be building a big wall between those who can afford it and those who can not afford it thus we must do without. I have no idea why one would use this bad program as a source to a tut(?) Why not Adobe that we all already have and is not only very good but free?
    The first disappointment I've experienced at Beading Gem, which I adore! :-(

  7. Alas this blogging software alas does not allow for attachments. So the pdfs have to be hosted elsewhere. Scribd (or other similar file sharing sites) is the only way I can embed into the post to share pdfs.

    I do not have an android phone but if readers have an iPhone (or iPad), the process is seamless. Just clicking the link will take you to scribd page where you click on the download button and choose to move it into the iBooks folder of the phone.

    The other option is to go to your local lending library. Many do have free internet access. Perhaps the librarians can help you print out the pdf. Or a good friend with broadband access.

  8. Thanks so much for your help to find a way to make this work. I do appreciate it!

    I'll try to remember to check it out on my sister's broadband, altho she lives a good distance away. I don't go there very often so it's just a matter of making a note to myself.

    I did not know that Adobe would not allow attachments ~ or maybe you weren't talking about Adobe. Never-the-less, I at least understand the issue better :-)

    I LOVE your site and thank you for all the great info you offer us free! I was pretty frustrated (if you can't tell heehee), not with you but rather with all the electronic stuff that seems to make some things more complicated (and expensive).

    Thanks again for helping! But just FYI, that sharing site does have an android app that is supposed to work but I sure couldn't get it to do so. o_O. Maybe it's not the equipment but rather my inability to understand it all. ;-)

  9. Perhaps I didn't explain it well. These are Adobe Acrobat pdf files that Judy kindly made. However, I cannot attach them in the blog which is why I have to use Scribd which allows me to upload the actual pdfs there.

    What you can do to get around the problem is to get your sister to either print it out for you or download the pdf and send it to you via email. You should be able to click on the link and open it up there.

    You inspired me to write a tutorial on how to download pdfs from Scribd.Check it out tomorrow and try out the mobile device instruction. It works well for Apple devices. But if I were you I would try and do the same and see where it takes you.

  10. This cross is wonderful! How generous of Judy to give us this tutorial. I've recently created made several wired crosses for special orders and always looking for a new twist on them.

    Thank you Judy and Pearl!

  11. she must be a wonderful woman. but even though she is giving out for free, when i tried to download it they said i needed to set up a premium account to download it. the cheepest was $ 5. i am on a very fixed income, can't afford it.
    but tell her i think what she does in her community is wonderful

  12. Scribd is free to use. You do not have to pay anything. Perhaps you clicked on the wrong thing? Please check out the instructions link in the post for further instructions.

  13. @ pearl, thanks, but same thing . when i click on the download button it takes me to a page that says "to download this document you must be a Scribd premium reader". i read the instructions, and everytime i click on download..i get same page. HELP

  14. OK. Don't click on the links. Try joining Scribd as a free account first. You can use either your Facebook account as a login or generate a specific login and password for the site. Once joined, then come back to the post and reclick. Let me know how you get on.

  15. @ Pearl, i joined and i did get to the page but had to save the page to my computer file because again when i clicked on download button took me to that page again. thank you so much for help,at least with your help i have the tutorial.
    thank you again, you are very kind

  16. Great! You got it in the end and that is what counts!

  17. @Pearl, just an added piece of information. now they have sent me an email saying " thank you for your interest in in a Scribd archive document." goes on to say that i should sign up " try our free 7day subscription trial to Premium Reader to download this document now. this offer will expire in 4 days. sign up to download "
    i was beginning to think i was crazy, but here it is in an email.


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