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How to Wire Wrap a Herringbone Ring

The basic single stone wire wrapped ring is relatively easy to make and does not require soldering.  You can either use a ring mandrel or dowels which give you the right dimension for the sizes you want.

One lovely variation is the herringbone wire wrap ring tutorial I came across is by Elle Gee Designs.  The wrapping style is much neater than the informal wrapping of many ring tutorials.

It does require you solder the main ring first which is not that hard to do if you have a soldering iron and a bit of flux as she explains. When you heat up the ring by touching it with the soldering iron, the flux melts and melds the edges together.  Make sure the edges are filed so they meet well in the first place!

Not into soldering?  Then check out the other tutorials in the links below.


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  1. Very pretty ring. I haven't done any soldering yet, but I have made some wire wrapped copper rings. I really love them. There unique. One of these days I am going to learn to solder then I can try this one too.
    Thanks for sharing this wonderful tutorial.

  2. Thats very pretty simple and elegant! Wire wrapping is on my to do list. This look like it ill be my first project!

  3. EXCELLENT -- I've been wanting to try herringbone (and I already know how to solder), so THANKS!

  4. I love the way a herringbone wrap looks and somehow I never remember to play around with it. Thank you for reminding me of this simple yet elegant style.


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