Some of you may have been dismayed with the huge amount of jewelry listings (more than 2.5 million on January 6) on Etsy I wrote about in A Day of Jewelry Selling on Etsy. But you needn't be. There is a way to get into a smaller niche with much less competition. Just tap into your other passions.

For this handpicked group of jewelry savvy Etsy artisans, their passion is The Hunger Games, the first of 3 best selling young adult books by Suzanne Collins. The widely anticipated film is scheduled for general release on March 23, 2012.

The story is set in the future in a post-apocalyptic North America where the oppressive Capitol forces each of the 12 districts to select by lottery and send a boy and girl to the annual televised games where only one victor remains alive. The heroine, 16 year old Katniss, volunteers to replace her younger sister Primrose. Peeta is the boy picked from the same district. A baker's son, he once gave bread to Katniss' starving family. This story with a strong female lead, action and a love triangle thread will surely "eclipse" the Twilight series.

Building on their individual strengths and favored techniques, each of these jewelry artisans surely made jewelry to gladden the hearts of  Hunger Games fans.

The Hunger Games inspired charm bracelet shown above is by Imprinter Gifts. It celebrates many of the details from the story such as Katniss's bow and arrow, nightlock berries, Peeta's pearl and cake and so on.

Cinsational Baubles has this charming pearl in a locket design. It was inspired by the pearl Peeta gave Katniss on a beach.

Pretty Little Charms UK came up with the Katniss and Peeta earrings. This design really does play on the book source and not just the movie.

This vintage scrabble tile pendant by Shimmery Stuff rallies Team Gale - fans of Katniss' other suitor.

This hand stamped oxidized brass bracelet by Curious Kumquat takes a much loved quote from the book. The mockingjay is also significant in the story and cleverly acts part of a toggle clasp.

I also like this simple yet highly effective charm bracelet design using glass letters and pearls. It is by The Moments Boutique.

Totally different is the gorgeous Girl on Fire transparent resin graphic bracelet by Buy My Crap.

This steampunk ring by The Forks Forest is also Hunger Games inspired with the use of the fire red crystal and a metal bird to represent the mockingjay.

Here is the film's trailer to watch if you are not familiar with the Hunger Games.

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