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Make a Morse Code Name or Word Necklace!

There are different ways to make a name or word necklace.  You could use metal letter beads or if you are good with wire, wire names.  But there is another way - make a morse code necklace.

"Debra" necklace photographed with my Modahaus Steady Stand

Shown above is one I made with golden glass pearls for the dots and coiled colored copper wire sections representing the dashes. Each letter is contained in each wire wrapped section. The front of the necklace spells DEBRA as it is a gift for my very good friend, Debbie.  It will be a humble addition to her gorgeous but imperfect cartouche pendant from Egypt.

It was inspired by Erin's tutorial over at Thanks, I Made It   who used metal round beads and long metal tube beads for the dots and dashes for the above necklace. Knots were added to separate the letters. It was based on an Anthropologie design which really appealed to her as she loves coded writing.
Below is the morse code alphabet.  If you use it, you can see how our necklaces spelled the names!
The modern morse code is different from the original 1840's code created for the electric telegraph designed by artist Samuel F. B. Morse, physicist Joseph Henry, and Alfred Vail.

The chart below shows the historical comparison and progression from the original American code to the modified German (Gerke) one used in Europe to the internationally recognized version today. The morse code is noted for its coding efficiency. The most frequently used letter in the English language is "E" so it is represented in the shortest form - just a single dot.


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  1. BRILLIANT! I am definitely doing this--think of what could be done with all those refashioned beads off of old items!!

  2. Nice idea. I thought it would be good since it would result in something different than just the symmetrical stringing I usually do. Then I looked up my name. BEV. dash dot dot dot for B. E dot and V dot dot dot dash.
    My how original and very symmetrical. Guess that is just me.

  3. I love this idea and will definitely do something with it. I laughed at Bev's comment b/c I'm Ms. Symmetry myself and thought her symmetrical Morse code name was too funny!

  4. I love this idea! Going to have to drop it into my to-do box.

  5. Never in a million years would I have thought of this! Love the idea!


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