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I am constantly in awe of other wire knit or crochet artisans who take wire work to new dimensions.  Israeli artisan, Yael Falk of Yoola on Etsy is the latest find.

She exploits her skill at making even crochet stitches to great effect as seen by her contemporary style collection. Simple motifs like flowers, pods twists and geometric shapes are evident in her designs. 


Pod necklace
Yael is an industrial engineer by profession. Although she uses tons of creativity in her day job, she longs to use her hands to make things.

It took her a long time to find the avenue in which she could expressive her creativity in a more tangible fashion.  She finally found it when she took a jewelry course and everything fell into place for her. She has been doing well ever since!

She also does wonderful wire work decor items like these 3-D pears!

Update :  I have amended the post as Yael says she actually uses a special knitting technique which is even more remarkable - if you've tried knitting with wire, you'll know

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  1. These are just awesome..the structures are really clear and exquisite

    1. Always love to learn new techniques in crochet. Amazing jewellery

  2. "I've loved her work since I first saw it. After trying crocheting with wire it turned to awe."

    via Facebook

  3. I agree - anyone who has tried crocheting with wire will definitely appreciate her talent!

  4. These are beautiful designs! As someone who cannot crochet with yarn, nevermind wire--I can only imagine the skill it must take. Amazing!

  5. Dear Pearl, what an honor to be spotted by you :)
    Thanks for the compliments !
    ill tell you all a little secret,
    im not a crocheter i only know the essential basics, my ISK invisible knitting technique i actually quite different and that's why my stitches are that even :) ! nothing else....

  6. Yoola's work is so fabulous! Thank you for spotlighting it!

  7. Thanks Yael for the correction - I have amended the post. I think your work is even more remarkable as knitting with wire is not an easy task having tried it myself! It is possible to do even crochet stitches though!

  8. Wow, these look amazing! Very different, I would love to give it a try!

  9. Beautiful! I can crochet but haven't been brave enough to try using wire yet.


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