I previously wrote about the extraordinary skill of the Huichol  or Wixáritari of West Mexico turning beads and skulls into works of art. Now eight of these artisans from the communities of Nayarit and Jalisco are showcasing their amazing bead work on an entire car!

The car in question is a a 1990 Volkswagen Beetle so this "moving" piece of art is thus called the Vochol - a combination of the car's name with that of the Huichol.

The team of  Huichol bead artisans took 9,000 hours to completely adorn the car both inside and out. They covered virtually all the surfaces including the mirrors, seats, steering wheel and dashboard!  

They used more than 2 million seed beads along with nearly 35 pounds of fabric, paint, yarn and resin. Resin was probably applied and the beads were then embedded  in the resin. 

The design elements used by the artisans have deep spiritual meaning to the Huichol.   The two-headed eagles represent the four cardinal directions. Other symbols include the deer which is revered in their culture as well as the fire, drum, squash and corn.

The Vochol is currently being exhibited at the National Museum of the American Indian in Washington DC until May 6. After that it will tour internationally before being sold to raise money for the Association of Friends of the Museum of Popular Art in Mexico City which supports the work of Mexican artisans. 

Check out more pictures here. Additional pictures can be viewed on the Washington Post's slideshow.


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