Guest Tutorial Post by Judy Larson
Judy is a wonderful jewelry instructor who gladly shares her expertise with not just her students but to everyone else via my blog. You can read more about Judy in my previous post including information on where she gives her free classes.

Braided Wire and Bead Bangle

Here are her latest contributions - 2 wonderful wire wrapped bangle tutorials which are not hard to do, even for beginners. If you look carefully, they are not the same.

Double Wrap Bangle

She said in an email, "These bangles are the bonus projects I walk my beginner students through at the end of their first and second lessons.  They can make them in 30 minutes or less (more if they have a tough time with bead selection!).  They make the simple eye instead of the wrapped eye, but when they master coiling, the wrapped eye is a snap!  What I like about these bangles is that they look professional even when the wraps are not tight or even."  Now, how wonderful is that?  

Thanks, yet again Judy!

Click on the links below to download the tutorials. Scroll down to find the download button.