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Two Easy Wire Wrapped Bangle Tutorials to Try

Guest Tutorial Post by Judy Larson
Judy is a wonderful jewelry instructor who gladly shares her expertise with not just her students but to everyone else via my blog. You can read more about Judy in my previous post including information on where she gives her free classes.

Braided Wire and Bead Bangle

Here are her latest contributions - 2 wonderful wire wrapped bangle tutorials which are not hard to do, even for beginners. If you look carefully, they are not the same.

Double Wrap Bangle

She said in an email, "These bangles are the bonus projects I walk my beginner students through at the end of their first and second lessons.  They can make them in 30 minutes or less (more if they have a tough time with bead selection!).  They make the simple eye instead of the wrapped eye, but when they master coiling, the wrapped eye is a snap!  What I like about these bangles is that they look professional even when the wraps are not tight or even."  Now, how wonderful is that?  

Thanks, yet again Judy!

Click on the links below to download the tutorials. Scroll down to find the download button.


  1. Love the bangles, very pretty. I just made one kind of like these with the wire wrapped around the beads but I didn't put a clasp, I just made a slip on bangle. I like these better. Thank you for sharing Judy's wonderful tutorials.

  2. These are great and just what I was looking for to make up for a friend's birthday

  3. Hey Pearl...hope you've had a good day. :-) I've been drooling over these bangles for a long time so I was delighted about the PDF offers.

    Since you asked, I thought I would give you an update of getting a download onto an android 'mobile' a little over a year after your last commenter.

    Keep in mind, I spent over 2 hours and at least 8 attempts from every angle I could think of and I still couldn't get the Braided Wire and Bead Bangle download.

    I was taken to a beautiful page full of tutorials with a nice big orange download button. BUT when I clicked it, I was redirected to a 'mobile premium' page. It said I HAD TO become a 'premium reader' and pay $9 invoiced once a month or pay $48 once a year (=$4 a month) OR $9 for a 24 hour pass! Whaaaaaaat?

    Well, I not only refuse to pay for a service they make such big deal about 'making sure they can keep this service free for everyone...' I also don't/won't use it enough to pay what for me is a good chunk of cash, as I am a disabled and on a tight budget.

    I just don't understand since I downloaded the twisted wire cross as well as the double wrap bangle within the last week or two and nothing like this occurred. In fact I had no problems at all. But after so many attempts, I'm convinced it's not a fluke.

    Anyway, I will try using my old laptop; it has an up to date Adobe PDF Reader so maybe it will work better. Just thought you would like to know about this as well as to let others know, if it happens to them, that they aren't alone.

    Thanks for your fabulous site! I really enjoy it and find it unique and refreshing. <3

  4. Absolutely DO NOT pay for anything. I can't understand why Scribd is so problematic as it worked for you before.

    I have uploaded to another site called slideshare and updated the post. Try the link. There is a download button. Hope it works this time.


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