I cannot remember how many backs I've lost from various stud earrings over the years.  Lots.

My family and I have also spent time on hands and knees looking for said items. While my feline bead chasers do try, they are also less adept at finding them if I dropped the backs on a carpeted area.
While I could easily replace them from my usual jewelry suppliers, it seems such a shame to have to spend money to do so.

So I was delighted when I came across this excellent tip from carleyy on Instructables.  The old panty hose trick over a vacuum hose will not only make searching quicker but will safely stop the small jewelry item from being completely sucked up.

The tip comes from her entire guide for 25 novel uses of old panty hose!  Some of her other ideas include using a skin colored panty hose to wear fake tattoos to trick your friends! I also liked her idea for using panty hose to cover the camera lens for gauzy special effects!

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