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How to Use Your Vacuum to Find Lost Jewelry

I cannot remember how many backs I've lost from various stud earrings over the years.  Lots.

My family and I have also spent time on hands and knees looking for said items. While my feline bead chasers do try, they are also less adept at finding them if I dropped the backs on a carpeted area.
While I could easily replace them from my usual jewelry suppliers, it seems such a shame to have to spend money to do so.

So I was delighted when I came across this excellent tip from carleyy on Instructables.  The old panty hose trick over a vacuum hose will not only make searching quicker but will safely stop the small jewelry item from being completely sucked up.

The tip comes from her entire guide for 25 novel uses of old panty hose!  Some of her other ideas include using a skin colored panty hose to wear fake tattoos to trick your friends! I also liked her idea for using panty hose to cover the camera lens for gauzy special effects!

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  1. My favorite way to find lost or dropped beads etc is to say: "Brady, grandma just dropped a bead" He is more than happy to crawl around the floor around my desk. He usually isn't allowed in that area.

  2. You're lucky you have an obliging grandson!

  3. Another awesome use for stockings - if you have ceiling fans, use single stockings (not pantyhose) as a slip on cover for each blade. Use white for white blades, etc., saves heaps of time and energy on cleaning.

    And my grandson has rescued so many of my beads, he even manages to find beads when he's out and about!

  4. Thanks for that tip, Sheridan!

    Kids seem to enjoy the bead treasure hunt! The coordinator of the the farm museum where we hold our workshop has a little girl who loves looking for stray beads after our workshops!

  5. brilliant idea- wish I'd thought of that when I dropped a whole pot of tiny rubies onto a shag pile carpet....

    via Facebook

  6. OMG! That must have been so frustrating trying to find every ruby!

  7. I didn't, I only found enough, fortunately to set in the ring I was repairing, I never found the others so I expect I'd hoovered them up they were only 2mm as well.

  8. 2 mm! No wonder you couldn't find them in the carpet. Next time use the vacuum or have you given up with 2 mm rubies? LOL!

  9. This is a great tip. My office has an (outdated) shag wall-to-wall carpet, and it's impossible to retrieve every dropped bead.

  10. Oh my gosh! I am so glad other people share this stuff because I never think of these things on my own!


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