See this wrapper leather and beads bracelet?  It's arguably one of the most popular leather designs out there to make these days.

It's easy and is perfect for any occasion. You could either stay with gemstones or really bling it up with round crystals. Your choice.

I once featured a tutorial for this design in this past post on how to make leather jewelry. However, this tutorial on the Rings and Things blog (designs shown above) is thorough and worth a look if you have not yet encountered it.

If you can't get hold of 2 mm Greek leather, try cotton cord instead. I also think it might be easier to stay with neutral colored leather or cord but introduce color with the beads and thread.

More and more of these tutorials are cropping up all over especially on Youtube. Note one crucial variation involves where the ends of the supporting leather cords are tied. In the Rings and Things tutorial, the ends are tied on the button end.  That way, the knot is hidden under the button.

But you can also knot it away from the button as in this detailed video tutorial by Lacquer and Lace for a triple wrapped version. The advantage of doing it this way is the ability to make it adjustable in length. She also advocates for single not double stranded thread use. If you are using Fireline, that should be strong enough!  If you do not have a super long clipboard like she has, a long piece cut from a cardboard box will suffice.

Triple wrapped bracelets by Lacquer and Lace

Which one do I like?  I prefer the second method as shown in this bracelet I've shown before on an earlier post and on my Facebook page.  I found it easier to make a tidy knot without the button involved.

Thanks to reader Ruth Trowbridge of Life Through the Cracks for sending in the first find!

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