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Hazel Studstill of HJ Designs is an accomplished metal smith always on the lookout for good ideas.  Her Plexi Series collection though came out through her commitment to recycle, reuse and reduce.

She was at a store once where some Plexiglas signage was about to be tossed out.  She rescued it and began experimenting on turning it into jewelry.

What she does to transform this otherwise bland industrial material  into distinctive designs included hand cutting, sanding, heat forming and finally combining with steel, precious metals and gemstones. 

Hazel's Plexi Geodes necklaces are as the name implies, inspired from real gemstone geodes. She explained, " My love of geodes goes back to a childhood vacation “Out West”. I watched a rock hound break open a craggy geode to reveal the sparkle inside!"  Combined with either gold leaf or silver, the hand-carved Plexi "gems" sure do have a sparkle of their own.

Her contemporary styled Plexi Cuffs also has that glittery look about them for contemporary chic!


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  1. Wow, Beautiful work. What a wonderful unique idea to recycle plexiglass. I grew up around plexiglass, since my parents owned a Glass Company, but are now retired.

    Terri Faye

  2. That's a pity your parents are retired otherwise you might still have lots of scrap plexiglass to play with! Didn't Hazel do an amazing job with it?

  3. Thanks for sharing this!! I love how artisans are turning trash into beautiful pieces of art

  4. What beautiful and original work! I love it. :)

    I took a class with Tonia Davenport a few years ago. She colors plexiglass with paint markers and alcohol inks, and the effect is stunning.

  5. Her work is beautiful! What a great idea with amazing results....a great find, Pearl!


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