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Wire Wrapped Coin Pendant or Key Chain Tutorial

Guest Post by Judy Larson
My students said the attached tutorial would be a good one to send to Pearl now with graduation just around the corner.

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The few times I was lucky enough to travel I brought back coins to wire wrap into pendants for myself.  Then I started making them as pendants and key chains to send overseas with my daughter-in-law when she is on assignment with the government.  The wrapped Sakagawea dollar coin and the Bicentenial coin (from the US Mint) make perfect gifts for the people she works with.

Many people have inherited coin collections and wire wrapping them would be a way to pass them on in a decorative as well as useful form to others in the family.  My students are wire wrapping graduation and birth year coins to use as graduation gifts. 

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    How to Wire Wrap a Coin Pendant Tutorial

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    1. I've wrapped many coins myself and it is fun! Most were coins that we have collected from various trips we have been on. I even wrapped an Irish penny (the bride is Irish) as a custom order for a bridal shower gift.

    2. I've never done it but it is a great idea. Makes more sense than drilling holes in coins!

    3. Very interesting concept. I have old European coins that are no longer in circulation. This would be a great use for them.

    4. I couldn't download it from either place. :(

    5. Trudy. Try this link. You will see Save near the top of the page.

      Have fun!

    6. As a bicentennial baby, I am very glad and thankful that you posted this wrapped coin tut.


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