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Shambala Style Macrame Bracelet Tutorials

I've covered this type of tutorial before. It's a macrame sliding clasp bracelet that some people called a Shambala style design.  This one is by Cindy over at the Rings and Things blog.

The reason why I wanted to feature the style again is because each instructor does things differently. We could all learn from the varied use of beads and approaches.  Cindy used crystals and added a metal focal in the middle for a feminine look.

Carolyn of Bijoux By Me has an excellent and thorough video tutorial.She covers the square knotting carefully with a tip at the end on how to tell where you are in the knotting process!  I can relate to that as I have forgetten which side I am knotting as I am going along! She also demonstrates how to seal the cord ends with a lighter.

Camila Jacober of Cia Fashion's video tutorial demonstrates Amanda Miola's of Bella Bijoux Art Store's Shambala bracelet. It shows a super way to keep the strings taut - a piece of wood with a couple of nails. You may have to watch a few times to catch it all. I also like the single accent bead in the middle and the rhinestone version is divine. Use Google Translate to check out the Portuguese blog post instructions.

You might be interested to know that the word "Shambala" is the name of a mythical Tibetan kingdom and it is also the name of a jewelry company.

This style is very popular these days largely because various music artistes have been spotted wearing them and they have been featured in many magazines.

Now we can all be hip!

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  1. This summary is awesome! Thank you!
    Via Facebook

  2. Definitely cool and simple! Thanks for sharing the tut.

  3. Great post Pearl! I liked the video... awesome way to finish the bracelet off. Thanks for collecting this info and sharing it with us!

  4. Pearl, I've always loved this look when I see it. Thanks for posting such great information. I do hope I can find the time this summer to make one! :-)

  5. It's a very popular look for sure!

  6. Hi, Pearl! Thank you for all you do!!! I enjoy reading all your posts and have gotten some wonderful ideas from you! Also love the shamballa bracelets and made a couple of them. But did you know that the jewelry company is fighting the use of "shamballa" on Etsy and probably elsewhere? Apparently they have rights to the name. I had to rename my bracelets (took off "shamballa"), but just yesterday, there were still over 4000 "shamballa bracelet" listings on Etsy! Just wondered what your thoughts were on this. Thanks!


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