When I came across Jenni of I Spy DIY's original  heart ring tutorial , I was immediately charmed. Not only was it a simple and easy to do design, it was also adjustable. As with so many great basic tutorials, there was potential for adding to it.

As you can see from my attempt above, I added an extra loop at the tip of the heart as I preferred a softer look. I used soft temper 18G wire and wire wrapped a 4 mm lapis lazuli gemstone round bead with a short length of 26G wire.

The wire I used for the experimental prototype was color coated copper wire. It's quite soft so you can see some tool marks even though I kept these to a minimum.  (See What to Do If Your Tools Mark Your Jewelry Wire).

If the ring is too big for you, you can easily trim the end loop and then reform the loop. If it is too small for you, then separate the heart from the end loop. It will still look good!

What Jenni did not mention in her tutorial is that you should shape and work harden the ring with a mandrel and a nylon hammer. The main heart element is rather flat (see below) and needs to be curved.

I had so much fun with this tutorial that I think a sterling silver version is in my future just as soon as I decide which gemstone I want to wear! Psst! This is another great tutorial idea for Mother's Day or Valentine's Day!

All photos were taken with my Modahaus Table Top Studio 216 with an Ott Lite desk lamp. See Jewelry Photography Using an Ott Lite Lamp and Natural Light Jewelry Photography with White Backgrounds for tips.

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