Coiled wire jewelry is easy to create and offer all kinds of design possibilities.  Here are a lovely pair of tutorials by Juliet over at Spoiled Rotten Beads for a necklace and matching earrings. The coiling tool used was the Wire Coiling Gizmo.

There are different ways to coil wire.  If you want to coil the wire tightly around a thicker piece of wire, then check out the hand coiling wire tutorial by Wanda Epps.  Try using a nylon jawed pliers to hold the wire if you are concerned about marring the wire.

One easy route to get other dimensions of mandrels to make wire coils with is to use knitting needles. Check out my past post on 4 Ways to Make Short Wire Coils for the tips. The good thing about knitting needles is their lengths. You can make a long wire coil if you wish.

Besides the Wire Coiling Gizmo mentioned above, I have and like the Artistic Wire Worker which you can get from Bead Smith. There are only 3 sizes of round mandrels but the set includes a flat, square and triangular mandrels.  Check out my past post on this tool which I used to make this necklace :

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