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How to Make Beaded Boxes

My mother loves to do bead embroidery using the beaded half cross stitch technique.  Check out these past posts to  see the beaded purse and shoe tops she made for me.  Some time ago, she wanted to try and make small beaded containers.  So I went scouting for relevant tutorials for her.

free jewelry making tutorial

This beautiful lined Treasure Box tutorial shown above is available from Lark Crafts.  It is from Amy Benson's book Tapestry Bead Crochet .

Mum also used to do bead crochet.  I remember how she got us kids to help her string the beads along the entire ball of thread.  She made it into a fun game by winding the thread all over the furniture in the living room. She sat in one spot with her threaded needle picking up the beads onto the thread while we ran around moving the newly strung beads down to the other end of the thread!

Not into bead crochet?  Then try Bead Jewelry Making's Beaded Box tutorial.  This is not a container but will make a sweet ornament.

I'm also planning to buy Mum this wonderful  book, Little Bead Boxes: 12 Miniature Containers Built with Beads by Julia Pretl.


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  1. I highly recommend Julia's book, it is a favourite of mine!

  2. Thanks for your recommendation, Jo-Ann! I think I am going to get a second copy for myself!

  3. Reading this post way after the fact and wondering how your mother (and you) liked the book. Did either of you make any of the projects? I made a little triangle box and love it but want to do one that is alot bigger. Haven't tackled the pattern for it yet :-/ so many projects, not enough time :-) lol

  4. I asked her if she wanted the book but she declined! She is too busy beading jewelry! So I ended up not getting it. I myself have a time crunch so I can only tackle those which don't take too long!!


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