Ann Martin is a paper artisan whose amazing quilled pendant tutorials have featured before (see link below).  I think paper quillling is hard enough but she takes it up a notch when she creates quilled adornment!

Another tutorial she wrote not too long ago was how to use pendant bezels to hold quilled paper designs (shown above). She also includes the instructions on how to make the paper flower.

Ann uses just glue. But if you are thinking of embedding paper designs in resin, make sure the paper is sealed first otherwise there might be color bleeds.  Some experimentation will also be required to find the right sealant.  

If you don't have those pendant bezels, then perhaps you'd like to try quilling a necklace focal just as Ann did for her Quilled Bird Pendant below.  She gives some great tips on how to created the paper outlines before adding the quilled elements.

Quilled Bird Pendant by Ann Martin

Some of her other designs are just delightful. One of my favorites is this cool cat card she made for Father's Day. That cat would make a really funky necklace focal for cat lovers! And yes, cats do have belly buttons, Ann!  All placental mammals do.

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