Planning to see the latest movie Snow White and the Huntsman?  The special effects, the medieval style and a cool retelling of the fairy tale all combine to make it a spectacular feast for the eyes.

Colleen Atwood, the renowned costume designer picked Cathy Waterman  to create the special pieces for the movie worn by  the evil Queen Ravenna (Charlize Theron) ,Snow White (Kristen Stewart), her mother (Liberty Ross) and other characters.

The choice of designer was deliberate and inspired because Cathy's exquisite style was perfect for the look of the movie.  Cathy said in an interview, "Colleen saw some of my work and recognized that it embodies the beauty of both the dark and the light side of the story — and of one’s own nature." The collaboration developed into a friendship.

gold, pearls and diamonds necklace for Queen Ravenna
Gold, sapphire, diamonds and amethyst pendant for Queen Ravenna
She does strive for something new and spectacular by putting in considerable effort to get the design right. For example, the Falling Leaves necklace the evil queen wears in the Mirror, Mirror on the wall scene took her 100 hours.

Gold, black and white diamonds earrings for Queen Ravenna
Indeed, the jewelry for this complicated character were all "double-edged" and symbolic.  Cathy explains, "The lace necklace she wears in her wedding scene is a cage, from which none of them will be able to escape unscathed." In sharp contrast, the jewelry for Snow White is simple yet bold. The jewelry worn by Snow White's mother  is just plain stunning.

22K gold hammered ring for Snow White
Gold, platinum, diamonds and petrified wood bracelet for Snow White's mother
Her inspiration comes from studying history and travelling.

Shown above is a selection of pictures from Paris Vogue.  Here is the movie trailer :

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