There are many things to consider when you make the transition from making jewelry as a hobby to selling it.  One crucial requirement is graphic design, preferably a branded approach where you use the same design and logo in promotional material and social media. Everywhere. So people will recognize who you are no matter where you are.

Not everyone can design logos, business cards and so forth. So if you need help, here is a really sweet deal which I recently learned about.  The graphic design firm RipeConcepts is offering 2 hours of free graphic design work - a limited offer they are doing as a promotional event.  This offer recently launched and there are still over 1500 spots to be reserved.

Is 2 hours enough?  Apparently so. That's all the designers need "to design a new logo for a blog, put together a banner, template for a newsletter, create a customized business card etc." You are not obliged to use them again and they will not exceed that 2 hour time limit so you will not have to pay anything.

RipeConcepts has over 80 designers and developers in their state of the art facility in Cebu, Philippines. Check this video to see the designers in their work place. They do a lot of work for large companies internationally as well as small businesses, startups and individuals.  

RipeConcepts - Facilities from Ripe Concepts on Vimeo.

Shown here are some of my favorite examples from their portfolio.  

Their rates are usually $25/hour so this free offer is worth $50! Just click on this link to reserve your spot - It is not restricted to jewelry artisans either. So if you have a pottery store or a writing sideline, go for it.

I figured I didn't have anything to lose so I did reserve a spot for myself. My own homemade logo/banner needs a makeover!  I waited a few days before somebody from RipeConcepts emailed me to ask what I needed. After that I was sent a  simple design brief form where I give them a basic idea of what I like and wanted.  For example, they asked what I like or dislike about my present logo, what sort of style, approach fonts and color(s) I preferred. 

They need to ensure they understand what you want.  They will also arrange to me on SKYPE later this week to walk through these details.  It really helps if you have something in mind so that those two hours will be effectively used. 

The process is still ongoing for me. But as there are limited spaces, I have decided to let you all know asap so you can take advantage of this free offer. Summer time is a good time to get moving on this sort of thing before things get really busy in the fall.

Good luck!

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