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How to Make Infinity Wire Symbols for Jewelry Making

jewelry making tutorial

The infinity symbol: ∞ signifies something without limit. So it is of no surprise why jewelry artisans like to use it. It could represent eternity, unending love, loyalty, happiness and so on.

They usually use a precast and bought metal design. But if you'd like to make it yourself with wire, then check out Jill Munro's Eternity bracelet tutorial over at the Lune blog.  She uses twisted wire in 2 colors which makes the design prettier. She also does a good job of hiding the ends of the wire at the outer edge.

I also came up with a modified infinity symbol for a client some time ago. I didn't try to hide the wire ends at all! She wanted a simple design with leather cord and clasp.  I used my large bail forming pliers and 18 G sterling silver for this wire wrapped design.

I formed knots at the clasp end and trimmed the ends.

Alternatively, you could use also use chain instead of leather or cord.

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  1. I've never made an infinity piece of jewelry. Guess because (since I do not do solder work) I didn't know how to connect the ends. Didn't occur to me to leave them exposed as part of the design. Sometimes the most obvious solutions are the least obvious ones. :D

  2. I like finding solutions and making them part of the design! Anyway, what counted was the client was delighted.

  3. I also love the exposed wire ends!! I really like your infinity symbol best of all! And yes, the best part is a happy client :)


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