Some people may find cutting a hole into an old book nothing short of sacrilegious. But others might not. This clever idea of making a wedding ring holder  repurposes a book. An unwanted book, not necessary old,  thus becomes useful again and can be a wedding keepsake.  The tutorial is by Brittni of the Papernstitch blog.

Another popular idea is to hollow out a book so it becomes a safe for jewelry and other valuables!  There are a number of tutorials available but this How to Make A Hollow book is my favorite.

A hollow book jewelry safe need not be hidden on the bookcase but proudly shown off on your dressing table. The book cover can be decorated as shown in the tutorial by Sincerely, Kinsey.

This video by Mandize demonstrates a quick way to make a book safe is to use a drill with a large bit. Watching him drill out those holes reminds me of the amazing Paper Rings from Books by Jeremy May I wrote about some time ago! Also check out Laura Cahill's vases made from recycled books.

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