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Make Yourself Wire Wrapped Beads Tutorials

Have you seen round wire beads and wondered how they are made?  Wonder no more! Linda of Mixed Kreations who also happens to be a reader of this blog, wrote up the instructions on how to create them. Her other post has pictures too. 

jewelry making tutorial

This wire work bracelet tutorial is fun for any level as it is easy to do. It can also be lengthened into a necklace.

Linda designed an all wire bracelet but you can always mix in these wire beads with gemstone and other types of glass beads. Consider using colored copper wire  for funky designs. 

Another wonderful variation is the wire and bead version by Caren over at Bead Bunny. She was unable to find an online tutorial for tornado beads so she came up with her own!

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  1. These are fun bracelets to make and wear. I'm familiar with Linda's work - Mixed Creations, and love her free, unstructured style.
    Thanks for this article!


  2. Pearl you are a sweetheart. You just made my day. Thank you so much for featuring my wire wrapped bead tutorial on your blog. It is such an honor and I appreciate it Sooo much. ;-D
    Your blog is awesome and you are the best!
    Thank you,

  3. What great tutorials. I am thinking that the second one would be great for charms.

  4. You can certainly use them for charms. I rather like the idea of linking several together to form a pretty bracelet.


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