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Judy Larson's Complete Viking Knit Bracelet Tutorial

Guest Tutorial Post by Judy Larson

Judy is right when she said, "Most Viking Knit tutorials just tell how to create the knit, but not what to do with it."  So she wrote one - the most complete Viking Knit tutorial I have seen. That's because she also included how to make the clasp, coiled end caps AND the draw plate.  Some people might not have these so it is helpful to have the directions to make your own.

free jewelry making tutorial

free jewelry making tutorial
Coiled End Caps
She is also modest as she added, " My tutorial is OK but one of the best is the one by Gail Nettles" Perhaps readers can be the judge of that!  (Update : Judy found it on Scribd but it is a paid tutorial on Gail's site)

Both Judy and Gail twist the wire ends together, something I don't do - see my past tutorial on How to Make Viking Knit Jewelry which illustrates how to add new wire.  I shall try that the next time I make a Viking Knit bracelet.

  • More about Judy here.

  • Please check this past post on How to Download Free PDFs from Scribd for instructions on how to transfer Judy's tutorials directly to your computer or mobile devices. It has been updated to also include information for Apple devices, Android phones and Kindles. 

  • Email and RSS subscribers need to click on either the tutorial link below (to download directly from Scribd) or the post title to return to the blog for downloading from the embedded tutorial.

  • IMPORTANT UPDATE Many readers have trouble with Scribd. So I have also uploaded and shared on Slideshare.

  • How to Make a Viking Knit Bracelet Tutorial

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    1. Both tutorials are fabulous. I like this method of adding new wire, I must try it.

      Thanks for sharing.

    2. I wanted to point out that the Scribd tutorial posted for Gail Nettles was NOT uploaded by her, but someone who was sharing the tutorial. It's for SALE on her website. The link to the PDF should be removed and replaced with the link to her tutorial sale page.

    3. Thanks for pointing that out. I will let Gail know.

    4. I've also updated the post to point correctly to Gail's site.

    5. Love the bracelet. One of these days I will get around to trying the Viking weave. I really love the spiral bead cap. Both are great tutorials. Thanks for sharing them

    6. This is something I've wanted to try. Thanks for a wonderful post and links to the tutorials.

    7. I've tried and tried to download this. There's no download button at the bottom. The title of your post won't click as a link and Scribd said I needed to sign up as a premium reader to download it. :( Looks like it would be a good tutorial. Would love to try it. Oh well.

    8. I've updated the post to show the new pdf sharing links. Hope this works for you.

    9. I tried to follow your instructions and signed up for Scribd. I also do not get a download button at the bottom and when I hit a download button anywhere it takes me to the sign up and pay page.

      1. Scribd is giving me a lot of problems so use the slideshare link - the second one below Scribd. Read the text - I also included a link to all Judy's tutorials on slideshare.


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