Sometime ago, I featured some awesome Russian soutache jewelry artisans which wowed many of us.  So if you'd like to see more, the designs by Astrid Art of Poland are just superb.

She is an accomplished artisan who can make all sorts of jewelry including some lovely contemporary style metal work. You can see a lot more of her work on her blog. It's in Polish but a picture, as they say, is worth a thousand words! It is amazing to see how she uses the soutache braid, cabochons and beads in swirling designs.

Check out her video :

If you are enchanted by soutache jewlery and want to learn, here are some tutorials to get you started on soutache jewelry. The back of the pieces have to be very neatly finished .

First up is a well illustrated soutache tutorial by Oceanie Creations. It is in French so if you need the written instructions just copy over the URL to Google Translate.

Google Translate couldn't do much about Annetta Valious' beautiful bracelet tutorial but even if you couldn't read the French, you would still be delighted with the pictures which show how she puts together a complex design.

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