Doris  Price (My Priceless Creations) is a reader of this blog who sent me this tip about Judy Thompson's ammonia salt patina technique (Update : no longer available but you can get an alternative tutorial here by creatinglinus jewelry). 

She said,  "I tried this on Trinity brass and it was plated it still worked. Now the pic they show I never could achieve that but probably because I didn't have any RAW brass." 

I can see why she liked it so much. The bluish patina is drop dead gorgeous. The technique is easy and only requires simple ingredients. It will work on copper and any copper based metals such as sterling silver (which is 7.5% copper), brass, bronze.

Judy covers many tips but I particularly liked the one on how to set up a home made "fuming tent" otherwise known as a plastic container.  Ammonia stinks so good ventilation is still a must  - I personally would do this outdoors.

Have fun!

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