The Maya civilization flourished from about 250 AD to 900 AD, the classical period, until the Spanish arrived in the 16th century. Much of their culture then disappeared although their descendants still live in countries such as Mexico.

However, Maya art still inspires today. Jonathan Loyd Goldstein of BevelNYC launched their first handcrafted collection last year called Ball Game. The unisex collection is strikingly edgy and tribal in looks. The pieces exude urban chic.

It is inspired by a Maya myth called the legend of the Hero Twins -  the oldest Maya myth to have survived in its entirety. The saga is about twin boys whose ball player father was killed by the Lords of the Underworld. 

The twins had many adventures and finally defeated the Lords in a ball game. After that, they resurrected their father. They then rose up until one became the Sun and the other the Moon.

Check out this beautifully made video excerpt  which tells the story Jonathan does with his jewelry.

Tales of the Maya Skies: "The Hero Twins, the Birth of Corn and the Creation of the Sun and the Moon

Each design is produced in 3 finishes. Modern is a shiny finish, Classic is textured and inspired by weathered Maya temples and Sacrifice is a dark distressed finish.


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