The tree of life is a popular motif that lots of jewelry makers attempt.  The designs can be highly individual.  Here is a delightful variation by a Hungarian wire worker Jade (Andrea) who shared her tree of life earrings pictorial on her blog called Bizsugar. What a brilliant idea to start with a loop at the top of the bead.  That loop serves as the anchor for the wire wrapping!

 You could use Google translate to check out the instructions.  But it's not great.  Lucky for us, Judy Larson has come to our rescue!  She emailed me and said, " I love Jade's site and her tutorials. She makes such beautiful things and I wanted to give my students a chance to make them. I knew it would be difficult for my students to translate and figure measurements so I did the translating and figuring for them."  Thank you Judy for doing this!

Judy explained, " We have a Hungarian to English dictionary here because several years back we sponsored a foreign exchange student from Hungary and needed to be able to explain some words. That has helped a bit. The rest of the translating comes just by knowing what to do with the wire."

Turns out Jade/Andrea was so pleased with the English translations, she's now inspired to blog in both Hungarian and English in the future.  Meanwhile, I will continue to feature both Jade/Andrea's tutorials and Judy's translations as I receive them! So keep a look out for them.

Full instructions on how to download the PDF to your computer and mobile devices are here.  Scribd is FREE. If you came across a premium payment link, you've not accessed it correctly. The best way for subscribers is to go to my blog and click on the title of this post. Then click on the download symbol at the bottom of the embedded document to save to your computer.

Having said that Scribd can be quirky sometimes - hey, it's free so we shouldn't grumble.  Sometimes the download symbol may be missing. Just check back another time and it will likely return.
Tree of Life Wire Wrapped Earrings Tutorial

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