I first introduced the amazing graphic resin work of Buy My Crap in my past post on the Hunger Games Inspired Jewelry post some time ago.

The jewelry in this Etsy store is a joint endeavor by a husband and wife team from Bangor, Maine.  They are Gerry and Lainey but as Lainey told me, "We typically just go with Mr and Mrs Crap, which always get a chuckle!"

I also couldn't resist asking. Lainey just went, " Bawahahahahya, hahaha, yup, the shop name was all his idea, so, I went with it!"

Gerry says it's "all good quality crap, no half craps here!" He may call it crap but the resin work is just beautiful. Lainey creates the designs for the bangles, photographs them and runs the shop. Gerry enjoys doing the resin portion.  He had previous experience with the medium as he uses it to cover his wife's fine art paintings.

"Stark Winter" (Inspired by Game of Thrones)

A builder by trade most of his life, he says the shaping, sanding and polishing is somewhat akin to working with wood.  His wife though says "his hands literally are rubbed raw if we have a lot of orders coming through, as he sands everything by hand."  But the effort is well worth it as the results are gorgeous.  Shown here are some of my favorites from their bangle selection. 

Personalized Bangle
This couple definitely has a wonderful sense of humor as they include collections entitled "Keep Calm" and "Snarky" bangles.  Lainey is British which explains the inspiration behind the Keep Calm and Carry On bangle. She knew it was from a series of morale boosting World War II posters. This one was a message from King George VI, the present Queen's father. 

Keep Calm and Carry On

Acting like a bitch makes you look fat!!

They also sell Gerry's wonderful handmade flexible silicone molds if anyone is interested.

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