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Easy Bling - Nail Art on Earrings!

Guest Post by Judy Larson

Several years ago, one of our local manicurists won a national nail art contest when she painted a replica of a grand master painting on a fake nail. When I found out about her honor, I gave her a few pairs of shell earrings to paint to match what she was doing on her client’s nails. She has been doing this off and on ever since.

I am not a flashy fingernail person, but I do admire the art involved. The other day I picked up a package of nail stickers when I dawned on me that I could put them on the earrings without painting them with nail polish. Imagine taking two years to make that easy connection!

I have not seen this anywhere, but cannot imagine that I am the first to think of it!

Earrings made from shell components are beautiful on their own. But if you would like to give them a little bling, use the itty bitty nail art stickers that you can find in almost any store that sells nail
polish. Just peel and stick!

However, I would not recommend using the nail stickers on beads that will receive a lot of hard wear. They are not meant to last a lifetime, but for earrings they are fine.

Here you see some basic shell earrings with the little sticker art applied. Notice how the white on white almost looks like etching and the round beads with the flowers look hand painted. Why not make a pair of earrings to take with you the next time you have your nails done and have a pair of earrings painted to match. Talk about being unique!

Of course, these little stickers do not need to be relegated to use on just shell components. Why not stick the little rhinestones on beads where you want a little light play or flash.  This mimics Swarovski crytals inlaid in beads.

The sky is the limit with you as the decorator!

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  1. Do you seal them with anything after putting the nail art on?

  2. I don't know if Judy does, but I would. It will keep all the edges down especially on curved surfaces. One of the Mod Podge or other glaze sealers should do it.

  3. Using the nail stickers is something I would never have thought of.
    Like KayzKreationz, I too wondered about the sealing of the stickers on the shells. Your idea to use something like Mod Podge or some type of glaze sealer sounds like a most logical one.

  4. cool idea..but instead of using modge podge I suggest nail polish top coat or clear coat. It works very well with the nail stickers and makes it really durable

  5. Yes, nail polish will work too - and perhaps handier if people don't have craft sealers.


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