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A Lovely Knitted Yarn and Bead Bracelet to Make

Knitting has really blossomed into a hugely popular craft after years and years of languishing as an old-fashioned past time.  Not surprisingly, knitted jewelry has also emerged, both as the wire and yarn forms.

One exceptionally lovely knitted yarn bracelet tutorial  (UPDATE : link no longer works) is the one by Betsy Canario over at her blog.The Purple Bubbles bracelet requires DMC cotton #5 and more challenging to get - size 000 double pointed needles. The fine needles and crochet thread are well worth the effort as the bracelet is delicate.

Now I'm wondering how it will look if knitted with wire?  What do you think?

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  1. This bracelet must be comfortable to wear. Many people think that knitting is old fashioned, but all the beautiful modern yarns took this craft into the present. Thesame with crochet and embroidery. And now? Most people don't know HOW to crochet, knit....hopefully more will learn it in the future.

  2. I agree many people don't know how to knit, crochet or sew but these crafts are becoming more and more popular. There is always a need to creative.

    Yes, the yarn is so much more comfortable than wire.

  3. Pearl, Your idea of trying this with wire was great! I used 30 gauge wire and mini peridot chips but only had 000 needles so had to tighten my stitch tension more than usual, but the result was beautiful! So much so that my daughter had dibs on it before I was even finished! Thanks for the tip, and Betsy, thank you for the tutorial!

  4. Thanks Judy for such a quick test with awesome results! Were those 000 needles metal? I'm not fond of wire knitting on metal needles.

  5. Yes, Pearl, I used metal needles. I had purchased a package of 4 different smaller sizes-000 to 1- to use to wrap coils on so used them. Like you, I do not like knitting on wood needles because the wire will not slip off easily.

  6. The bracelet is phenomenal and I can't begin to image such tiny knitting needles.

    It was sad to see that Betsy's blog had not been updated in a couple of years and that her etsy shop was closed. I suppose, when one feels that they are talking to themselves and that no one knows or even cares about what they have to say or what they have to offer, they eventually give up. The internet is immense, millions of sites, millions of people and it does tend to drown us . . . especially if we don't keep our heads above the waves and tread water. Sorry Pearl - hope you don't mind my getting a bit philosophical. :D

  7. Actually Judy, I meant metal - wire on metal needles set my teeth on edge! But I take your point about wire not slipping off wood ones that easily.

    Anna - people have busy lives so they have changing priorities what they do. Being on the internet like blogging and having an online store does take work and patience. Both require constant input and a long range strategy.


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