It's that time of year again when jewelry artisans are busy with craft shows.  If you need a promotional tool, then check out this clever tutorial by Mitsy of Artmind on Etsy.  It's really quite easy to do. The secret ingredient is metallic acrylic paint.

 What Mitsy did was to give out 25 of these cards to her online buyers.  Only one of them will have the coupon code for a gift certificate.  Other variations might include hiding different levels of discounts for your designs which would surely encourage sales. Really it's up to your entrepreneurial creativity!

Little gimmicks like this will help draw visitors to your booth or online store or reward customers.

This idea can be used for all kinds of fun things if you don't make jewelry to sell. One of the commentators on that blog post said she was going to use these cards as birth announcements to let family and friends know whether it was a boy or a girl!

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