Medallions make wonderful focals.  They are often created using bead work techniques.  However, Jenny Christiansen's shop Octavia Bloom is full of delightful wire worked medallions.

This Montana based artisan has a remarkable sense color and placement. She works with gold-filled metal giving her designs a luxurious look. The carefully wired designs combines beads, chains and washers in such a way, they do appear like flowers, hence the name of her of shop.

She really livens up her designs with a layered approach. Also notable is the lack of bails. The necklace chains or ear wires go through the medallions giving them a distinct charm of of their own.

Jenny said she started making her jewelry back in 2005.  Just after graduating from college, she received her first order from Anthropologie and as she said, "hasn't looked back since."  It's no surprise that her designs are popular - they are very attractive and have universal appeal.

Jenny is an inspirational designer in more ways than one. Her creations are also beautifully photographed and modeled.

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