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Stunning Brooch Statement Necklaces by SolBijou

Fellow Canadian Maricel Tewari is a mixed media artisan with a wonderful store called SolBijou on Etsy. She makes a wide range of bridal accessories. What caught my eye were her stunning brooch statement necklaces.  You don't have to be getting married to wear one of these beauties!

The satin ribbon flowers are hand made.  Some of the rhinestone brooches are vintage too.  She also combines her wire working skills into some of her designs.

Maricel is inspirational on more than one level. She said, "My love of jewelry began when I was a child and through the years this love turned into a burning desire to create unique jewelry and accessories for beautiful women around the world. In 1996 I began crafting unique pieces for friends and family. The demand for my creations was so great that, in 2008, this hobby turned into my occupation."  

It's no wonder her work is so sought after. She also makes gorgeous sashes, brooch bouquets, ring pillows, guestbooks, hair accessories and bridal slippers and clutches. A truly remarkable range.

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  1. How gorgeous! Love being introduced to her, thanks Pearl! Although when I receive your post announcements in email, the first image that shows is that horrible big, inflamed belly for Interdry. Doesn't exactly make you want to scroll down and read more...

  2. Thanks for letting me know. I don't have control over what ads show but letting me know the company allows me to block it which I have!

  3. Stunning stuff..I am just conducting a workshop on fabric accessories...would love to show this pics to the students

  4. Beautiful work. This makes me look at broken jewelry in a whole new light!

  5. I love mixed media pieces! You used the right word Pearl - stunning!


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